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Full-time Dance course includes theory and technique contents in dance choreography, performance, and instruction. The program provides a strong, diverse foundation that encompasses a variety of dance genres, including contemporary, modern, jazz, and other popular dance forms.

By attending this course, students will be guided by Mr. Lee Myeong Seok, a great reputable Korean choreography director for a variety shows on TVN and SBS – two of the biggest broadcasting companies in South Korea. Mr. Lee is more than happy to offer on-the-job real Korean style training and experience to students.

Thông tin khóa học

Thời lượng: 9 tuần, 28 buổi, 03 buổi/tuần

Lịch học: 19h – 21h30 thứ 3, 5, 9h – 11h30 CN

Thi thử – phỏng vấn: ILIAT liên hệ trực tiếp

Buổi học đầu tiên: 19-08-2018

Địa chỉ: Tầng 6, nhà C, số 22, Thành Công, Hà Nội

Giảng viên: Mr Gongle



The basis of modern dance is ballet. By training ballet’s basic stances and techniques, we will learn and develop the basics of dancing. Ballet is a must, in order to become a professional dancer and to understand contemporary dance.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is a dance that expresses feelings freely in various styles of jazz accompaniment and music. Contemporary jazz dances are characterized by modern jazz, hip-hop jazz, Latin jazz, and theater jazz, which can absorb any genre of music and dance.

Popular Dance

Popular dance is hip dance, Girls hip-hop, Gully dance, KPOP dance, and all modern dances. We must understand various kinds of music, practice dancing according to the music, and be able to do creative activities.

History of Dance

Dance has certainly been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebrations and entertainment since before the birth of the earliest human civilizations. Historically, it is about the beginnings of dance and how it continues to the present. As a result, you will know the basic functions and roles of dance as a major element in dance.

Music Practice

The course to practice music is a course to understand the basic rhythm of music and to learn music more deeply. This is a great way to make dance movements and create dance works.


In dance, acting is a very important factor. The act of dancing is not just to move in rhythm, but to put emotions into the rhythm and music. We have to develop emotional expression of dance and ability to convey the emotion to audience.

Dance and Music

Learn the relationship between dance and music.

Contemporary Dance

The genre of contemporary dance is that there is no set rule or regulation. This genre is more important than the technique of dancing is important to choreographers or dancers’ thoughts and perspectives, and its meaning can be expressed and interpreted in various ways.

Conditioning for Dance

Dance skills training requires concentration, balance, and flexibility. Enhance body coordination, balance and alignment and optimize flexibility to enhance body’s core to improve skills and performance in all dance formats. The condition of dance can be studied in parallel with scientific and anatomical analysis.

Fieldwork for Research

Performances and performances, from traditional performances to newly created contemporary performances, will contribute to the development of the dancers themselves. learn the feeling of dance, through visiting professional performances.

Teaching method

To teach dancing, you have to learn how to teach dancing. Dance teaching methods include how teachers who teach dance design lessons, perform lessons to learners, and finally evaluate lessons.

Dance Production & Direction

Nowadays, there are many different ways to choose a job after attending a dance course. In addition to being able to participate in performances as a dancer, various positions exist in the process of making a performance. By understanding and experiencing the overall position that makes up the show, you can study various ways to create a show. Not only dance shows, but also dance and various performances can be combined.

Dance Seminar

Students will attend dance seminars with famous dancers and learn techniques and elements from them.